This is an unissued Grenadier Guards Officer quality beret.

The Grenadier Guards are an infantry regiment of the British Army. It is the most senior regiment of the British Guards Divisions. The regiment was formed 1656. Modern Grenadier Guardsmen wear a cap badge of a “grenade fired proper” with seventeen flames. The cap badge has to be cleaned twice a day – once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. A tarnished grenade is severely frowned upon and can be punished by disciplinary action within the Regiment.

This beret is of officer quality and made in the U.K. by the Small Crown Beret Company. The berets produced by this company are recognised as the best private purchase berets available. It has blue silk lining with celluloid diamond. The regimental badge is perfect and mounted on the regimental colours.

A very high quality beret.

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