The Herend Porcelain Manufacturing Company is based in the town of Herend near the city of Veszprem, Hungary. They specialise in very high quality works, hand-painted, white glazed, bisque and guilded finishes.

In the mid-19th century they supplied exquisite pieces of porcelain to the Habsburg Dynasty (Austro-Hungarian Empire) and aristocratic customers throughout Europe to include Queen Victoria who owned many pieces of this beautiful porcelain.

This particular piece is known as a “third or a harmadik” in the Hungarian language. It measures 210mm in length and 250mm in height and signed by artist “Jonner S M”. With the quality control of the Herend works being extremely strict, the figure has two small blemishes near the right foot of the lady on the figures actual base, I have ringed these in the photo gallery. A perfect piece of Herend would have the blue stamp on the base, a very small defect would have the stamp but this would be crossed by two lines scored into the porcelain – (sometimes an eyeglass is needed to see these lines), a piece classed as a “third or harmadik”, would have no stamp just model number and artist mark. A fourth or fifth would have model numbers only. All decisions of course are made by the Quality Controllers at the works after the piece is fired and fully completed. The tiny blemishes on this model were probably caused by small temperature changes whilst in the kiln.

If this beauty was perfect you would be looking at a £1200.00 statue, so this is priced accordingly and if desired these two tiny defects could be repaired if any new owner wished.

This really is a lovely piece of art and priced nicely.