This Cap Tally is full length and unissued, no doubts its a period construction. The gold machined legend 3. HALBFLOTTILLE. 3. – is translated in English as 3 HALF-FLOTILLA 3.

The German Navy’s strength during the years prior to the outbreak of the First World War was controlled directly by the Reichstag.  This Cap Tally will have been registered for a destroyer or torpedo boat reservist flotilla (hence the wording “half”).

The original 1898 Naval Law called for a force of 19 Battleships, 8 Armoured Coastal Defence Vessels, 12 large and 30 small cruisers, supported by six flotillas of Ocean-going torpedo boats or destroyers. Each flotilla consisted of 12 vessels, or 72 in total. The number 3 on this Cap Tally will mean that the vessel will have been the third group of 12 in an assigned group of flotillas.

A very rare Cap Tally from the German Imperial Navy.

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