Rare book in large format – hardback, “The New Reich Chancellery”. Issued originally with a dust jacket which is missing.

Published in 1939 by Franz Eher Nachfolger, Munich, this is a beautifully illustrated book to commemorate the building of the New Reichs Chancellery in Berlin for Adolf Hitler in 1938.

Without doubt this is the best official record of the era of any ever made of the New Reichs Chancellery, designed by architect Albert Speer. Recorded in the text and incredibly high quality plates, are in depth details of the design and construction both external and internal of the building. Also recorded are the office details for the administration, general office staff and the SS guard contingents. The Honour Courtyard, enormous Mosaic Halls, Marble Galleries and Hitlers Office are all recorded in fine detail. The sculpture works by Arno Breker, Hermann Giesler, Kurt Schmid-Ehmen, Josef Thorak are all recorded. In the back of the book is the original fold-out architectural drawing of the Reichs Chancellery in perfect condition.
The spine of the book does have a little wear but all pages are intact.
This is a 130 page rare beautiful book in good condition. There can be no better period record of the New Reichs Chancellery than this magnificent detailed book with its beautiful photo plates.



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