These three painting prints were originally part of the internal decorations of the German Embassy at 9 Carlton House Terrace in the St. James district, City of Westminster London during WW2. After the end of WW2 many of the internal items of the Embassy were auctioned by Auctioneers Knight, Frank & Rutley at their rooms at 20 Hanover Square, London, West 1. The particular auction that these painting prints were part of took part on 10th December 1945.

Original buyer of these at the auction was Eric Campion who purchased them with 5 other paintings. Mr. Campion later became a large collector of Hitlerjugend related items.

The original paintings were signed by what looks like “H. Boliuce – Rothenburg”. They are scenes from Rothenburg and Nurnberg. Interestingly there are period labels on the back stating the purchase by Mr. Campion and also the subject of the print in Nurnberg being the house of famous German Poet Hans Sachs. The frames of all three painting prints are original to when they were purchased in December 1945. All three paintings with frames measure 47 cms x 37 cms.

To complete this set of very historic items, is a photocopy of the original Auction Catalogue complete with the purchases of Eric Campion marked. To the reverse of the three painting prints there are also small labels at the bottom stating the handlers and framers of these before they were shipped to London – “TROWITZSH & SOHN, Kunsthandlung, Berlin W9, Hermann-Goring Str. 2-3”.

War-Den have owned these historic painting prints for many years, and doubts that there are few items out there with actual recorded proof that they were part of the German Embassy in London before and during the years of WW2.

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