This extremely rare handwritten sympathy card from Marga Himmler to the widow of Fritz Todt – Elisa Todt, is in incredible condition.

Margarete Himmler was the wife of Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler. Himmler met her in 1927 during one of his lecture tours and remained in contact after. She was impressed by his romantic style of writing and Himmler saw her as the perfect German women – blonde and blue eyed.

The husband of Elisa Todt was killed  on 8th February 1942 aged 50, he died in a plane crash. Fritz Todt was a German construction engineer and a senior Nazi official. He rose from the Inspector General for German Roadways where he oversaw the construction of the new German Autobahnen and onto the Reich Minister for Armaments and Ammunition where he led the entire war economy.

At the beginning of WW2 he founded what Hitler named Organisation Todt a military engineering company which supplied industry with forced labour and administered all constructions of concentration camps in the late phase of the Third Reich.

Marga Himmler was known to be reclusive as Himmler preferred her to be well away from his limelight. It was known within the inner circle of the Third Reich that she would only speak when Himmler asked her to comment on anything that was put to her as long as it was not of a political nature.

This card is stating to Elisa Todt that the death of Fritz Todt is a great loss to the German people and she passes on her greatest sympathy. Its is signed “Heil Hitler” and dated 15th February 1942, one week after the Todt death.

An incredibly rare and very personal item.

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