The SA played an important part in the rise of Adolf Hitler into power – the real bully boys of the Nazi Party. Originally their primary purpose was to act as a protection squad for the Nazi rallies and all forms of meetings. They were instrumental in blindly following orders from the senior party members so as to intimidate Romanis, trade unionists and Jewish businesses.

This example of the issued SA dagger is an early version with the anodised scabbard, a very tough coating hence its excellent appearance over 70 years later. The rose wood handle has only minor dents and is in excellent condition. The inserted emblem is crisp and sharp and fully secure within the handle. The SA emblem at the top of the handle does have some chipping but the SA is still very readable. The cross-guard and top fittings are excellent without any scoring and unit marked Sw. The handle, top fitting and cross-guard are very tight and secure with no play. The scabbard ball has a very small dent and one single hairline crack. This crack is not visible to the naked eye but only under a macro camera setting or eye glass. The blade motto is nicely etched with some dulling within the letter forms. Blade in general is classed as excellent – maker marked F. Dick whom also were one of the producers of the Ernst Rohm Honor Daggers. The dagger is complete with its single hanger which is in excellent condition.