In 1957 the West German Government authorised the manufacture and allowed purchase by WW2 German Veterans of all forms of the Iron Cross. The central swastika was replaced by an Oak Leaf Cluster. The crosses were manufactured to the same dimensions and highest quality standards. During the 60s the central magnetic iron core was replaced by a non-magnetic core so as to avoid erosion. The construction in three parts remained and the silver frames still contained the .800 silver content.

 The Knights Cross (Ritterkreuz) were the highest awards in the military and paramilitary forces of Germany during WW2. It was awarded across all ranks from a senior commander for leadership, to a low ranking soldier for a single act of bravery.
This cross was manufactured by Steinhauer und Luck and is stamped on the reverse .800 for its silver content. The Oak Leaves and Acorns show the expected fine detail, and the lettering is nice and chunky as on all original examples, I would estimate the manufacture at being  mid 80s, certainly not an early production. The ribbon is in excellent condition and folded nicely into the case. The case again is in excellent shape with no scuffing. The black velvet base of the case is perfect, the white silk to the inside of the lid is completely stain free and undamaged. The catch is fully secure but is a little “sticky” when opening, but this does indicate a slight warping of the box through age, certainly after 30 years it would be expected.
A beautiful presentation piece of this historic award, the quality speaks for itself!

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