This is a very nice German Imperial hunting dagger with etched blade – very high quality. The staghorn grip is inlayed with 3 gilded acorns, very fine quality detail to each and totally set firm into the undamaged grip. Pommel is secure and again gilded, only shows a little buffing where the original owner has rested his hand. The cross-guard clamshell and hooves are really superb condition again with very fine quality detail. Fittings to scabbard throat and bottom are slightly dulled but would polish up nicely if any new owner desired. The black leather scabbard is sound with no loose stitching to the external seam. There is slight rubbing to the leather at the throat area but not severe, for a scabbard over 100 years old it is in excellent shape. The blade is etched with most of its etching dark and complete, only a few blemishes are present. Interestingly the etching shows a pattern containing cannons that might suggest the hunter that owned this dagger originally was from an Imperial German Navy background. Tip of blade is slightly dulled but without any chips along its full length. The original leather washer between cross-guard and scabbard is still present and in excellent condition. There is no maker mark to the blade which was often the case on these Imperial hunting daggers.

A really superb quality example with a very interesting uncommon etching.

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