The Nazi Kriegsmarine were the last of the German armed forces to authorise the wear of a Nazi issue revised dagger – this dagger became official on 28th January 1938 and replaced the traditional design that originated with the Prussian Navy. All Officers in the Kriegsmarine were authorised to wear the dagger for dress and ceremonial wear.

This dagger has the lightening bolt finish to the brass scabbard. There is one area near the lower hanging ring which has a small dent, but does not distract to the excellent quality finish with a very nice patina. The rest of the scabbard is dent free. All scabbard fittings have very fine details and are excellent quality.

The white celluloid grip has one very fine hairline crack, very small indeed. The brass wire wound into the grip is tight and in perfect condition. The daggers opening catch is working perfectly and the dagger fits very firmly into the scabbard. The leather washer between the cross-guard and scabbard is in good condition and original.

The blade has been highly polished at one time so the engraving is faint. There are no nicks or chips to the blade, maker marked FW. Holler Solingen.

Due to the highly polished blade this dagger is a little cheaper than the usual for a Kriegsmarine Officer Dagger.

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