The SA played an important part in the rise of Adolf Hitler into power. Originally their primary purpose was to act as a protection squad for the Nazi rallies and all forms of meetings. They were instrumental in blindly following orders from the senior party members so as to intimidate Romanis, trade unionists and Jewish businesses.

This example of the issued SA dagger is maker marked Hammesfahr Cie – Solingen and unit marked “No” for North West Gau Oldenburg. It has a brown painted scabbard with only minor scuffing – paint is original. All plated fittings are in beautiful condition with all plate intact, but there is a dent to the lower scabbard fitting on the obverse side.  The wooden rosewood handle has one tiny chip on the reverse near the top guard. The SA lozenge has full enamel and the inset eagle is in beautiful condition. There is a very tiny dent to the scabbard ball, but you have to look very hard to see it. The dagger fits nicely into the scabbard with no play. All 4 securing screws are present. The blade motto “Alles fur Deutschland” is distinct but a little faded, remains sharp and nicely etched – blade in general is classed as good. The dagger has the rare vertical hanger with the leather in nice condition. The clip to hang to the belt ring is correctly marked DRGM.

A very nice SA Dagger with the rare vertical attachment.


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