Superb pair of brown NSDAP officers riding boots. Leather external and internal is in excellent condition. I have lightly polished the outer but it would polish to a very high gloss finish if desired. The chromed spurs I am sure would clean up to an excellent finish also, only minor pitting is present. I have not touched the spurs they are as found. The tips of the spurs are fitted with the typical “spinning cog wheels” often found on the early riding boots of the NSDAP. The leather uppers are stitched to the soles with course hessian twine, again typical of the early NSDAP period boots – very high quality construction and materials.

The soles are leather and do show a moderate wear. Toes of the soles there are two wear plates, heels are a synthetic material marked in German language “Anticleit Absatz” – I believe the rough translation is anticlog heel. There are also further markings – Mamuth, Berson OKWA and 13. I am guessing these are maker and size marks. The English size I would judge at a 7.

In the photo gallery there is a period photo of what looks like an NSDAP official wearing a very similar pair of boots.

This is an excellent pair of NSDAP riding boots that were found in Paris, France.

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