Cast light metal wall plaque of Adolf Hitler – War-Den found this in Norway. The plaque is mounted on a wooden base stained black and measures 240mm in height and 160mm in width. These plaques were introduced by artist Walter Wolff as the , ‘Ehrenplakette des Führers’ (‘Honour Plaque of the Fuhrer’). The artists signature “W. WOLFF 33” is found at the base of the neck. Below the Hitler profile are the words “Ich glaube an deutschland und kämpfe dafür heute und morgen und in derzukunft bis unser der sieg ist” (“I believe in Germany and fighting for it today, tomorrow and in the future until our victory is done”). These plaques were displayed in public spaces, schools and official institutions throughout Nazi Germany; they were also sold commercially to Nazi citizens and citizens of the Third Reich expanding occupied territories. These were made by the hundreds, but many destroyed after 1945.

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