Heavy blue/grey wool tunic with open neck. Four pockets with the left breast having six medal loops. The Luftwaffe Eagle is the drop tail version and it does appear that it has been removed at some time and then reattached. The scarlet collar tabs are for a gefreiter with the two alloy eagles per patch,  these are in excellent condition, the collar is scarlet piped as are the shoulder boards which have very nice silver braiding. Internal of the tunic the lining is quiet a course material but fully intact with no rips or tears. Unfortunately the tunic has severe mothing at the collar and one shoulder area, this can be seen in the gallery photos. Also there is a large stain to the back of the tunic which I am sure could be dry-cleaned if performed carefully.  The buttons are the usual alloy pebbledash.

Interestingly when War-Den acquired this tunic we found in the pocket the release certificate for mailing. The certificate has been signed by the Commanding Officer – Captain Frederick C. Trullinger, on behalf of serviceman H. C. Rekin, whom we presume obtained the items. The equipment listed are German Flag, German Helmets 2, German Gas Mask and what does look like at the bottom, German Jacket??? The certificate was signed 19th January 1945.

A used honest tunic showing some age displays well and priced accordingly due to the mothing at the collar and shoulder area.



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