Introduced in 1941 for all members of the DAK (Deutsch’s Afrika Korps) fighting in North Africa. Originally an expeditionary force to assist the Italian defence of their African colonies, the formation fought on in Africa from March 1941 until its surrender in May 1943.

A minimum of two months service in North Africa was required before the title could be worn.

This is in nice clean condition and very soft to the touch. Unfortunately there is a small tear under the bottom of the “S”, it doesent run into the silver bullion its only in the material.

Close up shows a nice gap between the “A” and the “F”, also further along the holes of the “R” and “P” are just as they should be. The reverse again is correct and not a tartan in sight!

At the ends internal of the band, there seems to be 3 spots of glue that may peel off, but I havent tried. It looks likely the cuff title was displayed on a board at some time.

100% original, priced accordingly for the small tear and the glue residue.

Nice cuff title.

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