Allach porcelain was manufactured in Germany from 1935 to 1945. Professor Franz Nagy owned the land nearby the small town of Allach that the porcelain factory was built on, himself and his business partner Karl Diebitsch began the very first production of the porcelain.

In 1936 the factory was acquired by Heinrich Himmler and became fully under the control of the SS. Much of the labour and many of the artists to run the factory were supplied by the nearby Dachau Concentration Camp. The stigma attached to this porcelain is fully understandable, but the pure quality of the products produced are simply breathtaking. With only 10 years in manufacture all Allach pieces are considered rare – some more than others.

This Candelabra is in Baroque form and the 4 branched version – model 23 designed by Professor Nagy himself, this is the second Candelabra War-Den have enquired for our sales stock. Introduced in 1936 in the very early days of the SS ownership. It is totally free of damage and typically thick glazed over its fine detailed porcelain – an amazingly beautiful piece of art-work although many were used as a functional item for special occasions. Under the central Vase the number 23 is stamped along with the Allach mark of the intertwined runes. Also interestingly it has the remnants of the period candles still inside the candle holders.

Superb rare piece of Allach Porcelain.

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