The Blues & Royals is a cavalry regiment of the British Army and part of the Household Cavalry. The Colonel-in-Chief is Queen Elizabeth II. It is the second-most senior regiment in the British Army.

Formed in 1969 from the merger of the Royal Horse Guards and the Royal Dragoons.

Since then, the new regiment has served in Northern Ireland, Germany, Cyprus, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Falklands War.

This tunic and cap are worn for dress duties and I would estimate be 80s issue. The tunic is a size “6” which I would estimate at a 36″ chest. It has beautiful tailoring which would be expected of the regiment and there is only very minor mothing in very few areas. All gold bullion embroidery at collar, shoulder boards and cuffs is intact with no loose threads – superb quality. All silver washed buttons are present and securely attached to tunic. Internal of the tunic it is lined with navy cotton and sleeves are an off-cream material. The arms internal are marked “1” with one arm being marked “FOZZA RD” – which may have been the trooper that wore this as I cannot find any road that may be linked to the Blues & Royals.

The cap external is near mint, no mothing present. Internal the silk/cotton mix lining is loose where the trooper has decided to wear the cap in “pinched” style. The cap is labelled size 56.

A nice set from a very famous Regiment of the British Army.


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