Luftwaffe Officers 2nd Pattern 1937, complete with Portepee and Hangers.

Very nice example with dark orange grip. All fittings and pommel are finely detailed with crisp sharp relief – beautiful quality. The wired grip is tight and the celluloid is a beautiful deep orange colour, in superb condition.

The aluminium crossguard luftwaffe eagle is very finely detailed, perfect with no discolouring, scratches or dents. The scabbard pebbling again is crisp and finely detailed showing very little wear. Unfortunately both screws that hold the blade liners are missing at the neck of the scabbard. However the blade fits tightly into scabbard with no movement.

Blade is in near mint condition with mirror finish – maker marked SMF Solingen, a beautiful blade.

Portepee and cord are both in excellent condition – silver bullion, really showing hardly any wear at all – very high quality. The silver and grey Hangers are correctly felt backed with the material itself in undamaged excellent condition. Hanger fittings are dulled but with very fine detail.

This is a beautiful 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger, priced nicely because of the two missing screws at the scabbard neck. If replacements were added this dagger would be classed as an extremely fine example of the SMF version.

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