This set is perfect with no damage, very rare to find the Winter Smock and Over Trousers in this condition. War-Den found this set in the North of Norway.

The Smock is three quarter length in medium weight white cotton that does have a dull aged look to its brightness. There are three synthetic buttons at the front and the hood is part of the Smock itself and certainly large enough to have fitted over a helmet. There are two slashed openings at either side just below the waist so as to give access to the uniform below. The sleeves are straight cut with a wider area at the cuffs. At the upper arm area there are stitched two black cloth strips so as to give identification in the field. All of the machined stitching is intact with no damage. The Smock internal of the vertical button row has a marking which states “L. Ritgen”, followed by a second word which is very difficult to read. The Smock is a large size probably a 46″ chest, made to fit over a uniform and back-pack.

The Over-Trousers are again in excellent shape with no rips or tears. All of the machined stitching is secure and intact. At the waist and ankle areas the pull cords are threaded through the stitched overlaps and are certainly original to the trousers. Internal of the Over Trousers is marked “Adolf Ahlers” followed by underneath “Herford 1”. Again the trousers brightness have been dulled by age but are a really super example.

Fantastic set of the Wehrmacht Winter Camouflage Snow Smock & Over Trousers, would be hard to find better.


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