By 1921, the Nazi Party had taken its “Sports Detachment”, consisting mostly of burly bodyguards Hitler used for his own protection, and had formed the Nazi “Storm Detachment”, which was shortened to be known as the SA.

This kepi is mothed at the light blue trim at the back and has been torn on the right side facing. Someone has tried to perform a repair but not nicely as it has pulled the shape of the kepi in at one side. The rest of the kepi is fine and in excellent condition. If the repair was performed better possibly by darning, then the shape would certainly return to its original form.

The aluminium eagle and silvered button are in good condition and the leather strap is near perfect. Internal the leather sweat band is perfect and underneath this can be seen the RZM label. The kepi is marked size 55.

An honest 100% original SA kepi that has seen a little action.