Here is a typical tool of the Nazi Propaganda – the Volksempfanger – (Peoples Receiver), nicknamed by the British as the “Goebbels Mouth”.

These radios were developed by Otto Griessing on the direct orders of the Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

The disturbing purpose of the Volksempfänger-program was to make radio reception technology affordable to the general public. Joseph Goebbels realised the great propaganda potential and considered the widespread availability of receivers highly important, it was a way to enter all German homes to spread the Nazi ideology.

This radio is the second version produced after the VE301, this radio is the DKE38. It has a Bakelite case in excellent condition, there is one control knob missing from the front, this has been replaced at some time with another Bakelite model, the knob replaced is on the left as you look at the gallery photos. Internal of the radio the valve is present and the general circuit boards and components are all intact. The original cable and plug comes with the device but at one time a new cable has been attached and an attempt to start the radio has been performed.

This is a fine collectors piece and getting harder to find as time goes on.