A nice HJ set complete with Shirt/Insignia/Armband, Scarf & Leather Knot, Money Pouch, Lanyard & Whistle.

The shirt is in excellent condition with no mothing, rips or tears. All buttons are present and marked “DJ HJ”, on the back they have the RZM marking and M5/329 (maker Berth. Jager, Tyssa – Bodenbach). Inside the shirt collar it is marked “H880 2/29 36”. Armband is near perfect and of a nice quality, machine embroided with separate parts. The arm patch is for “Sud Baden”, shoulder boards are second pattern and unit marked “742” –  shoulder buttons are marked “12”. The shoulder boards have a single pip each for Kameradschaftsfuhrer (Comrade Unit Leader). These boards correspond with the correct shoulder red/white lanyard for Leaders.

The shirt comes with the black HJ scarf which is also in excellent condition. The scarf is secured by an unissued very rare leather scarf knot. To complete this set there is an unissued leather money pouch embossed with a clover and a bone whistle complete with lanyard.

This set is near mint and was found with all items complete together. Size I would estimate as a 15 to 16 year old

Superb HJ shirt with accessories, would be difficult to find better.




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