This plate is 100% an authentic Allach Julfest 1942 Presentation Piece – but why painted? Looking at the paint colours, they are colours that are often seen on Allach vases, the red and black in particular are recorded as “Allach colours”. Looking closer at the two areas of damage, the repaired crack at 2,oclock position is a typical repair method used in the 30s and 40s, the crack has been filled and then scratched over with lead to give it strength. The chip damage at 8,oclock position is a little more interesting. Close up you can see the red paint used is actually under the glazing, although someone has started to paint over the chip with the same colour, but then stopped after a small distance across the chip itself. Also looking closer still all the paint on this plate is under the glazing, there are no ridges at all where paint meets porcelain.

So to summarise – If the paint was added after it was originally fired, then it would have to be glazed and fired again – a timely process that would put excess heat into the plate that may cause further cracking, when there is no evidence of any further damage.

There we have it. War-Den has no doubts that this is a 100% authentic Allach 1942 Plate, certainly we have never come across a second painted plate in the last 40 years, so this part remains debateable on why this was painted, but yes the colours used were widely used in the Allach factory.

All taken into consideration to include the two areas of damage, War-Den will offer this plate at less than half of the usual value expected.

This plate was an important part of the SS Julfest ritual.