Sprenger was born in Oberhausen near Bad Bergzabern in the Palatinate. In 1922, the postal inspector Sprenger became a member of the Nazi Party. Sprenger was a militant anti-Semite and rose quickly through the ranks, first to Gauleiter of Hesse-Nassau-South in 1927, and by September 1930 to member of the Reichstag.

On 5 May 1933 Sprenger was appointed Reichsstatthalter of Hesse and leader (Gauleiter) of the new Gau formed from the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau, which included the federated state of Hesse-Darmstadt. In the process of the Gleichschaltung, in particular due to the ‘Reichsstatthaltergesetz’ of 30 January 1935, he was able to take over leadership of the provincial government from Philipp Wilhelm Jung. Besides Martin Mutschmann of Saxony, he was the only governor charged with such a double function.

On 1 September 1939, SA-Obergruppenführer Sprenger became Reich Commissar of Defense District XII, and as of 1 December 1943 also in the Gau of Hesse-Nassau. Later Sprenger was appointed High President (Oberpräsident) of the Prussian province of Nassau in 1944, after Prince Philip of Hesse-Kassel had been removed. On the night of 25 to 26 March 1945, Sprenger fled from the advancing U.S. Army from Frankfurt to Kössen, Austria, where he and his wife committed suicide on 7 May 1945.

This pennant is of the highest quality, beautiful embroidery and if produced today would certainly be time-consuming and no doubts expensive. It comes with its thick weather-shield which is slightly discoloured through use. The leather surround and fixing poppers are both in superb condition. You will see that the pole is slightly bent indicating this pennant was mounted and flown on the staff-car. The decolourisation  as already mentioned, again confirms the fact the pennant was flown.
The pennant was taken from the staff-car after Sprengers suicide, as the car was to be used locally by the American Forces. It remained stored for many years until it was offered to War-Den by relatives.
An historic item, maybe only one of possibly two made specially for the inflated ego of the Oberpräsident.
There are two pictures of Sprenger in the items gallery, one being of him standing behind Hitler as he broke the soil for the first autobahn.