These are simply a beautiful pair of collar tabs – the very highest quality.

I have totally no doubts these are a non-issued period pair of tabs authorised to be worn by a Kriegsmarine Naval Bishop. Everything about them is correct, backing is perfect and the way the embroidery has been performed is again for the time period.

But lets set a few facts out. There were during the period of the Third Reich only 3 clergy qualified to wear these tabs – Franz Dohrmann, Franze Rarkowski and Friedrich Ronneberger. So lets say that all three had 5 uniforms at most (which would be unusual), then that totals 30 tabs only, making these an incredibly rare set of collar tabs indeed.

For me the above is certainly possible, but unlikely. War-Den found these tabs in Paris maybe 20 years ago they were sold with the big question mark as described above of why they were made and if they were actually worn.

This is my opinion – you will see they are attached by a small thread so this confirms never worn and probably never issued to one of the three clergy listed. Again I reiterate they are period, no doubts, but I feel they were made to demonstrate the highest level of quality that a particular authorised supplier could produce, these for me are the very best sales-board samples from the Third Reich era.

I am going to sale them as that, but certainly if they were actually worn by a Kriegsmarine Naval Bishop, then they would be 10 times the asking price.

An incredible pair of tabs – the very highest quality and in my opinion never bettered in the Third Reich.

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