By 1921, the Nazi Party had taken its “Sports Detachment”, consisting mostly of burly bodyguards Hitler used for his own protection, and had formed the Nazi “Storm Detachment”, which was shortened to be known as the SA.

This shirt is the cut waist style and made from a soft weave thick durable cotton. Its a very small size and probably worn by a young ex HJ boy after graduating to the SA at 19 years old. There are a few darned areas that have been performed nicely and a very small hole at the back. The darning does suggest this shirt has seen a little action and certainly 100% it has been worn on active SA duties. All pebbled finish buttons are present with their wired fixing loops, and marked on the back “EXTRA FIEN”. There are two smaller synthetic buttons at the waste and neckline. The armband is a very high early quality with multi piece swastika – superb construction. The yellow collar tabs are attached by each corner only (which was common in the early days of the SA for the Mann ranks), and the right tab has the unit and group number stitched in black cotton which looks the same cotton that attaches the tabs to the shirt. The left collar tab has a little surface mothing but doesent distract to look of these rare collar tabs.

Internal it has a beige cotton reinforcement at the shoulder and neck area and the same material at the waist. There are no labels present but it is stamp marked “38” at the inside of the neck area.

A nice worn SA shirt that does contain a nice feel of history to it.