War-Den obtained these four drawings from Robert Brandner, an historian who lived all his life in the town of Berchtesgaden.

Three are original architectural design drawings on thick textured paper, the fourth is a sketch on heavy duty tracing paper. They are signed “6 April 1942” with a single initial “S”, this will be for the design architect Siegfried Schmelcher. Its common even now as then to use surname only in Germany for official endorsements. Schmelcher managed the conversion and modernisation of the Plassenburg Castle for Fritz Todt .

Fritz Todt was a German construction engineer and senior Nazi who rose from the position of Inspector General for German Roadways, in which he directed the construction of the German autobahns, to become the Reich Minister for Armaments and Ammunition.

On two of the drawings are the initials “AH” written IN red. It was normal for any direct intervention by Hitler to be noted in red as his direct requests on a construction project, this can be seen on drawings by Albert Speer and commented in red by Hitler.

Plassenburg is a castle in the city of Kulmbach in Bavaria. It is one of the most impressive castles in Germany and a symbol of the city. It was first mentioned in 1135. The Plassenberg family were ministerial of the counts of Andechs (later the dukes of Andechs-Meranien) and used as their seat the Plassenburg. The House of Guttenberg, a prominent Franconian noble family, traces its origins back to 1149 with a Gundeloh v. Blassenberg (Plassenberg). The name Guttenberg is derived from Guttenberg and was adopted by a Heinrich von Blassenberg around 1310. From 1340, the Hohenzollerns governed from Plassenburg castle their territories in Franconia till 1604. The Plassenburg was fortress and residence for the Hohenzollerns.

In the time of National Socialism, the National Socialist Federation of German Technology (NSBDT) under Fritz Todt ran the Reichsschule der Deutschen Technik based in the Plassenburg Castle as their HQ. The renovation for Todts use was overseen by architect Siegfried Schmelcher.

The drawings come with a letter in German language from Mr. Brandner, the English translation is below:

Confirmation of the four pencil sketches by Adolf Hitler.

I Robert Brandner, hereby confirm that the four sketches shown below are original drawings by Adolf Hitler. According to the previous owner, these sketches were drawn on the existing copy of the plan by Adolf Hitler himself on the basis of a meeting with the construction management at the Plassenburg. This was a common and very typical method used by Adolf Hitler when he wanted a change. These drawings were almost never signed by Adolf Hitler. Most of the time, the later owners of the sketches added their own notes. These sketches come from the former possession of a well-known and very important person from the Third Reich. I give this information to the best of my knowledge and belief.

The letter has the impressed Berchtesgaden Castle mark along with the wax seal. War-Den believe these drawings were originally obtained from the Todt family relatives.

The paper is in good condition with only the largest drawing having minor damage to one edge, all remains intact. The heavy pencil marks are again very typical of how Hitler added his comments and designs to any of his architects drawings. This also can be noted on many of the Speer drawings that surface from time to time.

A very interesting set of historical items which ideally should be presented framed.



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