This Police Bayonet is in superb condition, maker marked “Alexander Coppel Solingen” – with the scales and initials on the other side. All nickel plating to the blade is intact, near mint, one clean and this blade would be classed as mint if new owner wished to clean. The blade would be hard to find better.

Staghorn grip is in perfect condition with no cracks or chips. There is one hole either side where a clam shell was fitted prior to the Nazi Police reorganisation in 1936. After Hitler came to power, the many German Police organisations were centralized under the guidance of SS-Reichsführer Himmler. The previous sidearm, a very long bayonet with clamshell addition, was altered to suit the newly formed Police, all clam shells were removed so as to match the new sleeker design. The bayonet would be an early issue as holes remain. The police emblem is set firmly into the grip and again near perfect condition.

There is a slight wear to the eagle head pommel where the owner’s hand would have rested through service, always nice to see this as proof this bayonet was issued and on active service.

The leather scabbard is again near perfect with only minor scuffs. The plated end has one very small dent, but again in superb condition. Scabbard is stamped but would need an eye glass to read this – I have included in photos.

Attached is the best knot and strap I have seen in the last 15 years. Braiding is soft as it should with a base of black, weaved with silver, red and green bullion – shape of knot is perfect.

This is a near perfect Nazi Police Dress/Service Bayonet.


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