This is an incomplete version of the 1934 published “The Land of Labour and Peace”. It is in excellent condition, 100 pages with estimated 280 of its 320 colour photos present.

Published in 1934 by Cigaretten Bilderdienst of Altona Bahrenfeld, it documents the first year of government in Germany after Hitler took power. A vast assortment of photos from the general public at work and play, through to the senior members of the NSDAP and military –  Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler and Air Minister Hermann Göring, Sepp Dietrich, Professor Fritz Todt, Joseph Goebbels, to Kriegsmarine Admiral Raeder are all present amongst others in the books pages.

Certainly a strong piece of propaganda so as to strengthen the hold on the German people during the early days of the Third Reich.

Priced accordingly due to the missing photos.

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