The DRK (German Red Cross), was founded in 1864. It became affiliated officially into the Nazi Party in 1937 and came fully under their control as part of the German National Welfare Organisation.

This DRK EMs Hewer is a Model 1938. The blade is near mint with zero pitting or dis-colourisation – perfect blade. The heavy hacksaw edging is again perfect, no chips or damage. Blade fits very tightly into the steel scabbard with no play and the leather washer is present between dagger cross-guard and scabbard mouth.

The black enamel paint to the scabbard is estimated 90% present, other areas are showing through to the steel with a little discolouring. The solid nickel-silver scabbard fittings are generally very good with a little pitting at the cross-guard DRK emblem, but details remain sharp. All four screws in the dagger are present and tight, no movement in any of the daggers fittings. The celluloid grips are perfect with no cracks or chips. Both grips are secured tightly by the steel fixing screws.

This is a very nice example of a DRK EMs Hewer.


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