This tunic is made from a very soft brushed woven wool, totally free from any mothing. The tunic collar is piped in white for Kreis level, piping is fully intact and in beautiful condition. The collar tabs are both in perfect condition with their velvet backing and guilt insignia for a Hauptabschnittsleiter. The armband is correct for a Kreisleiter showing status of a Regional Office Leader. On the upper arm of the armband swastika it does show a small area of damage to the cloth, but very minor indeed. All buttons are gold guilt finished with the NSDAP Political Eagle. There are ribbon bars for the NSDAP 10 Year Service Medal and Social Service.

Internal of the tunic it is lined with green silk, slightly sweat stained which is no surprise due to the heavy weight quality of the material. Internal of the sleeves the material again is silk with the stripped pattern common of the Third Reich era.

The NSDAP Guilt Buckled Belt shown in the gallery images does not come with this tunic.

This is a beautiful high quality NSDAP tunic, in almost mint condition throughout – very hard to find better.